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Vinyl Tile & Linoleum by B.I. Rosenhaus & Sons, NYC

 Vinyl tile & linoleum are some of the most versatile materials for both commercial and residential flooring. It comes as pure vinyl with the color totally throughout it’s thickness; as a composite of vinyl and granite fragments and as resilient flooring with a vinyl base and clear wear layer protecting a high quality photograph of wood, ceramic tile or unique patterns. 

A solid hard floor is often best achieved by using linoleum or vinyl tile. These are often placed in bedrooms, living room, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and basements. With hundreds of vinyl tile samples in stock, B.I. Rosenhaus can guide you in your selection in order to find the right tile or linoleum for your space.

Solid vinyl is well suited for commercial installations as nicks and scrapes are not as noticeable with the color 100% of the material.
Composite vinyl is extra durable with the harder material added in the manufacturing process.  For the most part, it is a very commercial look.

The durability of resilient vinyl is based on the thickness of the wear layer.  Residential applications will be from 10-20 mils.  Pricing depends on realism of the photograph and thickness of the top layer. The quality is so realistic, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.  Maintenance is as easy as using a damp mop.  Specially formulated cleaner and dressing are also available.

Realism is one of the main reasons vinyl tile is so popular is that it can be printed to look like a variety of natural floor surfaces, including hardwood, natural stone, cork in addition to unique materials such as glass and metal. Custom colors, sizes and floor patterns are available for the creative designer and homeowner.  Water jet cutting can create any logo or design.

When we measure your space, we also check the floor conditions since vinyl tile must be glued to a solid, smooth floor.  
We assess whether the existing floor must be picked up or only minor repairs of broken tiles or wood is necessary.
Often times floors require Skimcoting, a technique by which a thin layer of concrete fills in cracks or ceramic grout lines. Heavy duty fans speed the drying process to assure we complete the job as expeditiously as possible.

In some cases, flooring can be uneven throughout the space that we need to put down 1/4" plywood so that the irregularities in the sub floor do not show through your new vinyl tile.

Installing vinyl is much simpler than other alternatives like ceramic tile because it requires minimal leveling, no mud, and no sealing, We  spread glue and set down the tiles.  There are no door clearances to contend with.  The adhesive is quick drying and usable in a few hours.

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