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Carpeting by B.I. Rosenhaus & Sons, NYC

Carpet adds warmth and comfort to any home, office, institution or commercial space.  And for those in apartments - quiet for your neighbors below.  The more densely packed the carpet fibers are, the quieter the room.

Carpet is the perfect way to soften and enhance the aesthetic in any space. With thousands of carpet samples to look through, B.I. Rosenhaus & Sons has carpets for bedrooms, living rooms or outdoors. Stop into our store any time so you can get professional carpet guidance and advice.

Authorized retailer of the following carpet brands:

Common Carpet Materials:

Wool: very strong and resilient, which means it can stand up to heavy traffic.  The naturally dull appearance helps hide soil and dirt.  Color wise, wool is very absorbent, readily absorbing dyes which also includes stains such as wine and acid. 

Nylon: very resilient, and is reasonably spot and stain resistant - particularly if treated with acid dye blockers.  Easy to clean.  We have carpets that are guaranteed not to stain for the life of the carpet.

Polyester: Relatively inexpensive.  Moderate abrasion resistance.  Crush resistance depends on density.

Olefin: is totally stain resistant, but it lacks resiliency. This causes it to appear matted and crushed after a few months of traffic.

Cut Pile: Individual strands, suitable for most living spaces with a wide range of densities.

Loop Pile:  Loops form the surface of the carpet.  Very durable.

Cut and Loop Pile: Variety of colors and sculptured designs. Random patterns tend to hide dirt.

Carpet Padding will extend the life of your carpet, increase its comfort and provide sound insulation.

We have padding for all situations:

1) Some doors are very low to the ground, for this we have thin rubber non-skid padding for area rugs and carpet runners with very little increase in height to easily fit under doors.
2) For carpet and rugs without any furniture to hold them in place, there is non-skid padding with rubber on one side to prevent the carpet from moving and felt on the opposite side side for extra softness.
3) To add extra comfort and softness to your carpet, synthetic felt padding provides maximum cushioning.

Other available padding are: extra dense sound absorbing; memory foam; water resistant and hypoallergenic.

Carpet Health Facts and Cleaning:

Carpet can trap allergens, common dust, pet dander and other pollutants until it is vacuumed.  
Vacuuming, minimally, once a week is recommended.  Use a suction vacuum, not a beater bar which has the tendency to pull up the fibers.  Be sure to use the proper attachments to clean the corners and crevices where dust builds.  A thorough professional cleaning every 12-18 months will keep your carpet beautiful and long lasting.  Stains should be attended to immediately.  Synthetic carpets are quite often stain resistant, but are not totally care free.  Wool carpets are best taken care of by blotting on the stain to lift it from the carpet.
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